"So get your candles lit up and have a BIG BLOW OUT!"

"Break out the noisemakers!
Today... YOU RULE!"

"You're the life of the party, Dawg... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"

"Wishing you a BEST IN SHOW Birthday!"

"... just don't STOP having fun
​on your birthday!"

"Hope you got lots of treats and FB posts."

"Get all dolled up
​and let the fur fly!"

"Chase your tail like nobody's watching!"

"... and HOWL-lelujah! You're gonna
 celebrate another one!"

"May your bowl of kibble runneth over."

​ANOTHER BIRFDAY         HB-110        KEEP ON SMILING              HB-111      LUCKY DOG                    HB-112

"How FABULOUS, Darling!
​Another reason to be spoiled rotten."

HAPPY WOOFDAY             HB-101     HAPPY BIRFDAY               HB-102     PARTY ANIMAL                HB-103

​HAPPY BARKDAY             HB-107       SHOW STOPPER               HB-108      I NOSE ITZ UR BDAY        HB-109

​It's your BIRTHDAY!!"

​​PARTY GIRL                    HB-104      OMG! ITZ UR BDAY           HB-105      I BRAKE 4 CAKE               HB-106