SSSCR-pet adoptions/fosters

groups: Doc Williams SPCA, Sinbad Sadie Second Chance Rescue and H.F. Help No Kill Rescue.TAGLINES LLC supports adoptions/rescues/fosters — with a $1 donation for every card and tag sale made to these participating groups—Please... ADOPT, FOSTER, VOLUNTEER, DONATE!

The Lowcountry Strawberry Festival, Boone Hall and TAGLINES!

​​February 19, 20 & 21, 2016 — What a FABULOUS FEBRUARY event this was! Boone Hall Farms Market became THE PET STOP for the weekend with adoptions held by Doc Williams SPCA and Frances R. Willis SPCA—so many smiles and so much love to go 'round....

TAGLINES & Pet Helpers brave the elements at the PITT STREET STROLL!

Brodie wins "BEST IN SHOW" at the Inaugural TACO BOY MUTT STRUTT!

BIG ROUND of APPLAUSE from crowd—MUTT SCORES!!! Brodie dives in to his tub of Harry Barker booty. Mommy waves "thanks" to Poppy for taking photos—we can't wait to spend el dinero at TACO BOY!

TAGLINES got busy this summer — 6 NEW BIRTHDAY CARDS!

October 22-23, 2016  THANKS to BOONE HALL for all of your efforts in giving these groups a chance to find FOREVER HOMES for the pets—Doc Williams SPCA, Sinbad Sadie Second Chance Rescue, Eunoia Rescue! A total of 7 dogs were adopted over the weekend with a good number of applications taken for prospective homes. To these groups, TAGLINES donated $1 for every card and pet ID tag sold. We really appreciate everyone's contributions... ADOPT, FOSTER, VOLUNTEER, DONATE!

Here's me and Brodie with one of our favorite TAGLINES cards, "MUTTS RULE"—and who better to present that one than this pair of MUTTS! Great sales on cards and tags!

Saturday, May 23, 2015—What a beautiful day to GET YOUR TAG ON and take home your new BFF! TAGLINES LLC and Charleston Animal Society made a day of it at the 4th Annual KickOfftoSummer BLOCK PARTY sponsored by Steel City Pizza and Triangle Char + Bar, Mt. Pleasant. All proceeds from sales benefitted Charleston Animal Society. Thanks, y'all, for supporting pet adoption efforts in our community!

A good many adoptions of adult dogs and puppies were made and we're happy to report that TAGLINES® Pet Cards with Message Tags were very well received—$1 for every pet ID tag sold, $2 for every card sold—our donation to CAS.... time well spent on a Saturday afternoon in the Lowcountry.​ Please remember, for the sake of all homeless pets, ADOPT, FOSTER, VOLUNTEER, DONATE.

TAGLINES & Charleston Animal Society, a cause for paws—BLOCK PARTY

Brodie wins "BEST IN SHOW" at the Inaugural TACO BOY MUTT STRUTT!

Our first PET FEST!  THANKS to all who supported us at this pet friendly event!

​​February 19, 20 & 21, 2016 — Teaming up with BOONE HALL FARMS MARKET for the 3rd weekend of the "Fabulous February" Promotional Events: 11:00 am to 5:00 pm. TAGLINES will be there with Doc Williams SPCA on Saturday and Frances R. Willis SPCA on Sunday who will hold pet adoptions on each of these days—$1.00 donated to them for each TAGLINES card or tag sale!


​Brodie and me take a moment from brisk card sales to pose for the camera... with 95% humidity, we never let em' see us sweat, but, um, we did glisten an itty bit. And we always find time to HOWL about TAGLINES — Brodie says, "RAH! RAH! for TAGLINES, Mom, now when are we going home to eat?!"

HOWL-lelujah! Let's go shopping!

Now, THE MUTT STRUTT—Brodie charms the crowd with his dashing good looks and confident stride!

TAGLINES, Pet Adoptions and Boone Hall Farms—FABULOUS!

TAGLINES has a BUSY, buzzy FEBRUARY planned—stay tuned!


TAGLINES Pet Cards are now available in 7 locations in ​the Charleston area—THANX 2U and all who support us — SHOP and BUY LOCAL y'all!


Sunday, May 3, 2015—Oh, boy, what a thrill! Brodie Brown strutted his stuff and charmed the crowd at the Inaugural TACO BOY MUTT STRUTT presented by Pet Helpers. He won a whole big tub of exclusive Harry Barker eco-friendly toys and a $50 gift certificate to TACO BOY. (Now if we could just train him to be the designated driver...)

A percentage of all food and beverage sales went to Pet Helpers on this beautiful day in the Lowcountry. Many thanks to TACO BOY for their support and many, many thanks to all that Pet Helpers does for animals in need in our community. Adopt, foster, volunteer, donate:

​​​​​​February 25 and 26, 2017 — Teamed up with BOONE HALL FARMS MARKET again for our 2nd "Fabulous February" Promotional Event—another success! Many thanks to them and our 3 adoption/rescue groups who participated—couldn't have done it without you: Doc Williams SPCA, H.F. Help Rescue and Sinbad Sadie Second Chance Rescue... remember, ADOPT, FOSTER VOLUNTEER, DONATE.​

Visitors from SINGAPORE fell IN LOVE with our TAGLINES cards—they bought 7 all together and just had to get a photo in with Brodie—our  Brand Ambassador—RAH, RAH for TAGLINES® Pet Cards with Message Tags!


TAGLINES Pet Cards-Boone Hall 2017

Saturday, July 18, 2015—Brodie certainly has a lot to HOWL about during these DOG DAYS of SUMMER and so do we. Our TAGLINES® Cards are now available for sale in 2 fine pet product stores in the Charleston Metro area. Both are super pet friendly and super cool—we like the air conditioning, too!

"The B*itches Love Us!" and so does TAGLINES—Hairy Winston Has Everything! Holistic Foods, Treats & Chews Largest selection of Collars & Leashes! Beds, Bowls, Apparel, Grooming Products, and Lots of Treats and Toys!

Visit them at Town Centre Mall, Mt. Pleasant, SC and "LIKE" them on Facebook:

At Lucia's they are dedicated to providing all natural products that contribute to the healthy, happy lives of our best friends. Plus, they are strong advocates of animal rescue, safety and locating missing pets—good folks over there, so visit them at 162 Seven Farms drive on Daniel Island, and don't forget to "LIKE" them on Facebook, too!

THE MUTT SET UP—Brodie in position.


Thursday, August 20, 2015—In spite of severe thunderstorm threats we still made the Thursday evening scene along with Pet Helpers at our first Pitt Street Stroll presented by Ooh! Events and OUT of HAND. The good folks at Pitt St. Pharmacy were out as well offering tastes o' honey from the family hives of Boomer, NC. We made some new friends and sold a record amount of cards in a short amount time with $2 of each sale going to Pet Helpers. A little pup named Cooper found his "forever home" with a Moultrie Middle School student and his family. They seemed to instantly bond... and that's what it's all about. Thanks to Pet Helpers and all who participated—see you back on Pitt St. in the fall, y'all! ADOPT, FOSTER, VOLUNTEER, DONATE.


Visit this carefully curated emporium where they redefine the "art of creating" and LIKE them on Facebook!

Since 1937, this local drug store in Old Village, Mt. Pleasant is "where the personal touch is the key" of what they do. They're also a mighty pet friendly group and provide compounded meds for you and your furry children with the right dosage and the right flavor! Stop in, visit their website and LIKE them on FB!

April 11 and 12, Sat./Sun.—PET FEST 2015—What a weekend and first-time vendor experience for us! Mixed it up with rain, shine, gnats and ALL THINGS PETS! Thanks to Charleston County Parks and Recreation Commission for choosing us as vendors and putting on a splendid festival. OF NOTE: we were rated by CCPRC as EXCELLENT VENDORS in all categories for this event! Visit their website, LIKE EM' on FB and don't forget about YAPPY HOUR!

​​​​​​August 30, 2016 TAGLINES listened to our customers and cranked out 6 NEW smiling, smirking, adorable selections making a TOTAL of 12 BIRTHDAY CARDS! You'll find a Corgi, Westie, Yorkie, Poodle, Staffy and our "KEEP ON SMILING" American Bull Terrier, aka, Pit Bull — they're all so happy to be a part of the TAGLINES pack! Find them in these locations listed below—more locations to come!

​​February 6, 2016 — Our first vendor event this month was with WATERS EDGE GREAT DANE RESCUE at their 3rd Annual Mardi Gras PAWRADE, Palmetto Islalnds County Park in Mt. Pleasasnt. TAGLINES got their TAGS and their BEADS on and $1.00 for every card sale went to WEGDR... all for a great cause. ADOPT, FOSTER, VOLUNTEER, DONATE.

September 2015— In addition to HAIRY WINSTON and LUCIA'S PREMIUM PET, our cards are now available in 2 MORE LOCATIONS in the Charleston Metro area—this is definitely HOWL-worthy to us!

PITT STREET PHARMACY— Our local drug store in Old Village, Mt. Pleasant, SC is "where the personal touch is the key" of what they do. They're also a mighty pet friendly group and provide compounded meds for you and your furry children with the right dosage and the right flavor! Stop in, visit their website and LIKE them on Facebook! 

SOUTHERN PAWS PET BOUTIQUE— Founded by Dani Anne and built on a foundation of love for all animals, Southern Paws is a Specialty Pet Boutique located in the heart of downtown Charleston and well worth the trip! Offering a fun and friendly atmosphere for all, you'll be glad you stopped in... and say "hey" to Moe! Visit their website and LIKE them on Facebook, too!

TAGLINES Pet Cards-Boone Hall 2018

TAGLINES coordinated the adoption groups and brought out our TAG engraver for onsite PET IDs—$1.00 from every tag and card sale went towards these hardworking adoption/rescue groups. SO GLAD we could help and many, many thanks to Boone Hall Farms Market for graciously staging this event!


December 9 2017 —  It was "Celebrate Your Furry Friend" at the Citadel Mall with Mirelli Lowcountry Market! TAGLINES along with The Dog Wash was in the Christmas spirit with festive HOLIDAY CARDS and fun, unique gifts from The Dog Wash, the only dog groomer and self serve dog wash in historic downtown Charleston! Visit them and say "hey" to Carrie —  owns/runs this niche boutique in downtown Charleston located at 148 Line Street. Visit their website and LIKE 'EM ON FB! Woof 2U!


Fall 2015 — Charleston Animal Society's quarterly publication, "Carolina Tails" featured TAGLINES Pet Cards with Message Tags as 1 of 8 items in their Holiday Gift Guide in their FALL issue—we're Number 6 on the spread! From the publisher, "These clever greeting cards are paired with detachable aluminum message tags... locally owned; available at local pet stores." And we can't say enough good things about this great shelter and rescue group. So, like our little Jack says, "THANX 2U!" Please remember: ADOPT, FOSTER, VOLUNTEER, DONATE.


​​​​April 23 & 24, 2016 — So proud to be first time vendors at the 2016 Lowcountry Strawberry Festival presented by Boone Hall Plantation! TAGLINES coordinated 2 adoption/resuce groups for the weekend—the first ever at this festival! Doc Williams SPCA and Frances R. Willis SPCA brought out dogs, puppies, kittens and all kinds of merch! A total of 10 dogs were adopted over the weekend and TAGLINES donated $1 for every  card and tag sold. Many thanks to all who made this event—and these adoptions possible. Great way to spend the weekend!



​​​The 2017 Strawberry Festival presented by Boone Hall Plantation!

October 9 2015—More places to SHOP 'cause we added 3 locations in the last 3 weeks!  ​Please see our "Where To Buy"
​page for a complete list of retailers with links to their websites/Facebook pages... and LIKE them, too!


December 9 2015 — The Moultrie News, East Cooper's weekly paper gave us some generous column space along with a color photo of our TAGLINES "Limited Edition" Holiday Collection. Roz Adams of Pitt Street Pharmacy says, "We LOVE the TAGLINES cards. They have been a big hit at the Pharmacy—it's two gifts in one!" And we LOVE sharing the page with Charleston's smiling Mayor Joe Riley—we think he LOVES TAGLINES, too! Thanks to Moultire News and Pitt Street Pharmacay—Read the story online! ​​

TAGLINES made it to the big Charleston Area Convention Center—PET EXPO 2015

TAGLINES Pet Cards-Boone Hall 2017

October 10 2015—PET EXPO was the place to be on this Saturday! Starting before 6 a.m. we loaded it in, loaded it out with a whole lotta people, dogs, and pet-centric stuff in between! Next stop,The Holiday TAGLINES! See you in December at your favorite TAGLINES retailers!

TAGLINES wrapped up a long but great weekend at The Lowcountry Strawberry Festival with a little photo op on one of Boone Hall Farms "old school" painted scenes... and from TOP DOG Consultant, Brodie Brown, "Thanks, Mom, for letting me TAG ALONG!"


Boone Hall Farms Market-pet adoptions

​​​​​​February 24, 2018 — TAGLINES teamed up with BOONE HALL FARMS MARKET again for our THIRD "Fabulous February" Promotional Event! Sinbad Sadie Second Chance Rescue held adoptions outdoors in the "corral" — courtesy of the BHF Market Staff. Thanks, y'all, for making us feel at home!

April 22 and 23, 2017  Great weather, great sales, great time at the 2017 Strawberry Festival at Boone Hall! Acres and acres of fun with festival rides, contests, petting zoo, strawberry pickin' and ATTRACTIONS featuring K-9's in Flight, The Acrobatic Dog Show and 3 local adoption/rescue groups:

TAGLINES with The DOG WASH Just say Merry Christmas Y'all!

TAGLINES Pet Cards-Boone Hall-Singapore 2017

TAGLINES makes headlines—gets press in local publications!

April 11, 2016 —TAGLINES® Pet Cards with Message Tags has been doing biz for one whole year! We debuted at the 2015 Pet Fest and since then we've sold over 700 greeting cards, opened 9 different wholesale accounts, donated 4 silent auction gift "baskets of puppies" for charities, made the Moultrie News, coordinated pet adoptions, participated in pet festivals, made donations to various adoption/rescue groups via card and tag sales, laughed, cried, barked and now we just want to say... THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!